Disinfectant based floor cleaner, available with Pine Oil or BKC based formula is available in various bulk packing and we offer our manufacturing facility for contract manufacturing or as toll manufacturer of disinfectant floor cleaner.

Disinfectant / bactericide / germicide for household premises, sickroom equipment, sickroom premises, swimming pool related surfaces, commercial premises, industrial premises, institutional premises, bathroom premises, urinals, water closets, and garbage containers. Used as a disinfectant / bactericide / germicide for animal pathogenic bacteria on bathroom premises or in toilet bowls and urinal

MSDS for Disinfectant based floor cleaner

Available Fragrances : Citrus , Rose , Floral , Pine , Jasmine

Available Packing size
200 ml 500 ml 750 ml 5 Liter 10 Liter 20 Liter 200 Liter