We Are

When it is all about introducing our company , we are here to create products that does the job for what it is made . it looks simple in order and we love to make it simple.


At Concepts Hygiene, we love what we do. Creating products that ease human efforts in keeping their surrounding environment clean.

  • To understand what our customer needs when word “Clean“ ticks.
  • To develop products that are safe to use and safe to environment.
  • To consider mistakes as temporary messes from where we can learn from , and there is nothing that can’t be cleaned.

To our customer is what we think. While we design, develop and manufacture product.


It is one of the simplest task which comes naturally when we know what we are here for. A company started with a frugal resources and with a honest approach has reached to a capacity of 8 lacs Bottle/month. So far so good. As said it is simple.


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