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Private label Toilet Cleaner – Concept Hygiene Pvt. Ltd.
Private Label

Toilet Cleaner is one of the most essential cleaning product in modern household. Concepts Hygiene P Ltd. is proud to stat that We are one of the leading manufacturer of private label in Toilet Cleaner in India.

Acidic base, Thick, Perfumed Toilet Cleaner or Bleach / Hypochlorite based thick toilet cleaner, is among the range of formula we can manufacture . Our various bottle design of toilet cleaner to choose from is an additional service we provide as a contract manufacturer for Toilet Cleaner or as a private label manufacturer for Toilet Cleaner.

Liquid Toilet Cleaner is also available in bulk supply in India as well as for overseas market .

HCL Based , HCL based with color changing indicator , BKC based , Bleach based .

Available Packing size
200 ml 500 ml 750 ml 5 Liter 10 Liter 20 Liter 200 Liter


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