Our Approach

We are one of the leading private brand manufacturer for Cleaning products in India.

We are passionate about private label. A tall order and we try to deliver by being lean. Being sensitive to understand what our customer needs for their customer generally, in fact mostly ease our job in delivering what they want. <.p>

Our customer needs value for money out of private label products. 

Our customer looks for differentiations out of private label products to create store brand loyalty.

Value for Private Brand / Store Brand / Contract manufacturing : Growth and volume in Private brand ( store brand ) comes by positioning private brand as a price competitive alternative to improve value chain.

Holistic solution > Private label / Store brand

Everything expected to develop a successful private label and everything from one source.

Development stages in Private label product in cleaning category

We at Concepts hygiene love to be involved at very initial stage of private label product development for cleaning and that first step starts with listening our customer’s need.

Instead of traditional/ sequential approach , we proactively participate in product development strategy where development team works as a unit to reach a common goal.

Cleaning Product packaging designs

  • Product packaging look : we know that decision time to chose a product from crowded shopping racks has less than 10 seconds for customer and to meet customer’s eye a product packaging must be a show stopper.
  • For us Product packaging is a high octane cocktail having a mixture of the science , the art and the technology.
  • Primary evaluation on packaging sustainability during logistic, inventory, environmental exposure, product shelf life and packed product.
  • Ergonomics aspect during product usage.

Rapid prototyping of cleaning product packaging

Concepts Hygiene team loves every time the first virtual world existence of product packaging with use of three dimensional computer aided design to quickly develop product packaging prototype by digital modeling to access further aspect of product look and usage.

Solid modeling for cleaning product packaging

The first Look and The first Feel is always cherished and Concepts Hygien team believes in first site love . With computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing the product takes birth in real world for the purpose it has born .

CAD / CAM design for production dies.

On completion of testing various packaging material option, required strength and economic aspect, we reach to a point where design dies for mass production of Bottle / Caps and closure required for cleaning products .



From product category to product market to expected private label value creation to formulation to packaging and most important to meet customer’s need at speed .

Our customer be it multinational company or small size agencies, can utilize our production capacity or the entire solution of product conceptualization to product development to product manufacturing to packaging to logistic support in developing own brand in cleaning category ( Household cleaning category ) .

Our approach to Private Label/Store Brand

To achieve our customer’s success in private brand , We should have optimal use of production capacity / production capability . We must source our raw material at best possible price to achieve low cost . We should understand product category and role of private brand among the category. We should have excellent know –how about product manufacturing .

We should deliver private label with great TEAMWORK ( In command and out of control ) , Integrity , Passion , Transparency , Recognition .

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